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Whether you need a freelance writer to create attention-grabbing web content… scripting for live trade show presentations that captivate your exhibit’s visitors… an innovative direct mail campaign that gets off-the-charts results… blogs that capture your personality and communicate directly to your prospects... clear and concise newsletters… or a powerful and persuasive executive speech, the professionals at Writers Direct Group bring decades of experience to the objective: getting your important message heard, understood and remembered.

Discover more about what Writers Direct Group can do for you by exploring our site. Find out what we do. Review the list of prestigious companies we’ve been fortunate to serve. Read what they had to say about how we crafted compelling messages that met—-or exceeded-—their objectives. Tell us about your own project needs. Check out our Special Reports and other Resources, as well as our Writers Block Blog for valuable information about getting your message to reach your prospects and make an impact.

You have an important message you need to communicate to a unique target audience. The freelance writers at Writers Direct Group have the experience, expertise and creativity to deliver that message effectively, with maximum impact and memorability.

To arrange for a review of you project and how we can help, please click here: You & Your Project: Step-By-Step. Or simply contact Dave Egan, Writers Direct Group’s head writer, at Dave@WritersDirectGroup.com. You can also reach us by phone at 818-241-9393.

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